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The Pastry Profiles Store is proud to sell artisan molds from Michael Joy and The Chicago School of Mold Making. It is our opinion that these are the best made molds around. These Artisan molds are the choice of competitors, educators, and industry chefs. We are excited to make them available to our customers.
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Artisan Pastry-Silicone Molds
List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $20.00
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With more than two hundred full-color pages, the Artisan Pastry idea book contains 37 pages of inspirational "how-to" mold making and casting articles, 60 pages of innovative silicone products and 100 pages filled with pictures of incredible sugar and chocolate art creations made by chefs from around the world. If you are serious about the pastry arts, this book is for you.
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18 inch silicon noodles
Silicone Noodle 18"
Our Price: $25.00

•Don't cut your long noodle! That's why we make the short ones. The short Silicone Noodles� are perfect for creating curved end caps or additional contours when using the 5 Foot Silicone Noodles™. Also, the Short Noodles are handy flexible dividers for creating curved shapes inside of your Jumble Box™.

Made of Flex & Bake™ silicone, Noodles are SUPER STRONG yet flexible enough to bend into contours so your showpiece achieves a fluid and organic look.

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C.
Candy Caviar
Our Price: $25.00

A small amount of sugar is all it takes to make this mold sparkle and for you to add some bling to your showpiece. Our Mini Bug Collection Showpeel™ as a variety of delicate creatures that will look great hovering above the center of this giant sunflower. Don’t want the outdoor look? How about using it as a micro platter for your ultra modern looking petits fours? Rarely can a small amount of sugar have such an impressive impact!

Size: 3" (7 1/2 cm) diameter

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C.
Mercury Ripple
Our Price: $30.00

The repeated circular pattern is reminiscent of the ripples created by a stone on calm water. With this mold, you see the ripple effect throughout your showpiece. It gets a little deeper with each level, it's amazing in sugar. Perfect for use as a small base beneath a mini-showpiece or as a display platter for petits fours. Your guests will love the soft rounded edges of this curvy delight.

Size: 4" (10 cm) diameter

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C.
Floral Press Mold
Our Price: $35.00

This press mold has become a standard item in the professional chef's toolbox. Ever need to make a flower in a hurry? Just pour a daub of isomalt onto the surface, press with vinyl (for a crystal clear look), remove the mold, flex and shape the isomalt flower while it is still soft. For the finishing touch, make a half-sphere from our 1" sphere mold and put it in the center of the press-molded flower to complete the effect. It could be the fastest flower you have ever made!

Size: 4" (10 cm) diameter

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C.
Jetty Press
Our Price: $40.00

The large Jetty Press has everything its kid brother has and more. Its large size allows you to make a variety of shapes. For instance, instead of filling the entire surface, you can use the surface as a drawing board to drizzle sugar and chocolate to make swirls, loops and more. To create a more organic look on this uniform geometric texture, we have added small flecks and chips to the surface detail. Do you see the ancient fossil of a nautilus shell in this mold? If not, be sure to look through the chef’s gallery to see what can be done with this mold!

Size: 9˝" (24 cm) diameter
Cube Mold 1"
Our Price: $50.00

•Artistic geometry is effortless when using this cube mold. Each mold has seven cavities for casting seven clean, sharp-edged cubes at one time. Tired of cube molds tearing? (Your thumbs will thank you when you do not have to strain to push these cubes out of the mold. ) You won't tear these molds because the diagonal-split design opens the mold right down the center without leaving a seam line! Cast them in colors and encapsulate them in a sphere, use them as connection points and posts on your showpieces, fill them with liquid pastillage for airbrushing, or mousse for a flavor burst. The list goes on and on!

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C.
Clock gear
Our Price: $50.00

Daisy Wheel
Our Price: $50.00


More funky shape than actual gear, this mold is great for adding a quirky effect to your showpiece or dessert. With a little imagination, you will find lots of uses for this mold. Cast flat, you can make a mini chocolate plate to serve your dessert on. If sugar is your thing, make a bouquet of sugar flowers or contour the outer edges to create a unique bowl to cradle your super hip VIP dessert.

Size: Each wheel is approximately 4" (10 cm) in diameter.

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F. / 232°C.
Pop-Up Sphere Mold 1"
Our Price: $55.00

•Clean, fast and versatile are the best words to describe these one-piece Pop Up Molds™. Made from our super strong Flex & Bake™ silicone, these molds are soft and resistant to tearing. Chocolatiers love these molds because there is no joining of halves and no seam line to wipe away. The wide pouring mouth makes for fast, easy filling and an effortless "pop up" de-molding. They are great for making cake decorations, petit fours, truffles and more. These molds are lean and freeze fast. The faster the freeze, the faster you can de-mold and make more stuff!

Flex & Bake™ silicone is food contact safe and can be used for baking up to 450° F. / 232° C.
When time is tight and the demands are high, these molds will get you out of the fire fast. The artisan molds are an eclectic collection of building blocks that enable you to create focal points that will intrigue and delight your guests. Each mold is remarkably versatile and offers you dozens of unique uses for impressive quick results in either sugar, chocolate, pastillage!